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Payroll accounting

Outsourcing your payroll accounting to our specialists saves you valuable time. Profit from our precise accounting, support in drafting contracts, and access to facts & figures at the touch of a button.

Our services

  • Payroll accounting
  • Overtime, bonuses and travel expense accounting
  • Calculating regular payroll levies
  • Advice on organising wage and salary payments
  • Registration and deregistration with social insurance agencies
  • Classification within salary schemes subject to collective agreements
  • Calculating leave & holiday remuneration, and sick pay
  • Auditing travel expense accounting
  • Support with income tax, municipal tax and social insurance audits
  • Tips on writing employee testimonials
  • Clarifying legal aspects of tax and social insurance
  • Online connection to social insurance agencies and tax authorities
  • Advice on organising employment relationships
  • Advice on bargaining agreements and interpreting collective agreements

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