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Service overview


Here at Böck & Kus we offer our clients a broad range of tax advisory services. They include traditional tax advisory, auditing and accountancy services as well as personnel consulting, financial statements, tax declarations and expert opinions.

Our portfolio also includes planning efficient tax structures for our clients, and providing advice and support during audits by the fiscal authorities and appeals procedures. Our office is also specialised in providing consultancy services to young and foreign companies wishing to establish a base in Austria, in particular Hungarian companies, who benefit from access to our extensive network of contacts. With his Hungarian background, partner Franz P. Kus is the ideal point of contact for Hungarian clients wishing to do business in their native language.

Böck & Kus also leverages its extensive experience in real estate to offer financial and legal support to clients involved in property projects. We are your competent partners for all matters concerning real estate. Our clients benefit from individual, comprehensive advice extending far beyond pure tax consulting, from the preparation of financing and liquidity plans, advice on optimal property utilisation, through to real estate disposals.



We gladly manage accounting on your behalf, providing you with regular reports on your business performance. You choose the services that your company needs.

Our services

  • Account assignment for business transactions and IT reports
  • Day-to-day account reconciliation
  • Open item management
  • Organising accounting systems
  • Business development reporting
  • Preparing income statements
  • Period-specific delimitation
  • Data transfers from cash register programmes, electronic cash books/billing systems
  • Data transfer from electronic bank statements
  • Accounting advice

Payroll accounting

Outsourcing your payroll accounting to our specialists saves you valuable time. Profit from our precise accounting, support in drafting contracts, and access to facts & figures at the touch of a button.

Our services

  • Payroll accounting
  • Overtime, bonuses and travel expense accounting
  • Calculating regular payroll levies
  • Advice on organising wage and salary payments
  • Registration and deregistration with social insurance agencies
  • Classification within salary schemes subject to collective agreements
  • Calculating leave & holiday remuneration, and sick pay
  • Auditing travel expense accounting
  • Support with income tax, municipal tax and social insurance audits
  • Tips on writing employee testimonials
  • Clarifying legal aspects of tax and social insurance
  • Online connection to social insurance agencies and tax authorities
  • Advice on organising employment relationships
  • Advice on bargaining agreements and interpreting collective agreements

Tax consulting

As tax advisors we provide advice on all tax matters. We are happy to undertake your routine accounting and payroll activities on your behalf, and to prepare your annual financial statements.

We work together with a network of lawyers, notaries, real estate agents, and banks, both in Austria and abroad.

Our services

  • Tax planning to reduce tax loads
  • Accounting and personnel accounting
  • Advice on matters regarding employment and social insurance law
  • Reporting to health insurance funds
  • Preparing annual financial statements
  • Preparing tax declarations
  • Submission of tax-related applications
  • Representing clients before tax authorities
  • Representing clients before financial authorities and in criminal proceedings
  • Regular updates on changes to the tax code

Our individual consultancy services

  • Planning start-ups and restructuring
  • International tax consulting
  • Advice on inheritance and company succession
  • Advice on employee participation schemes
  • Restructuring consulting
  • Managing audits by the fiscal authorities
  • Advice on selecting legal forms
  • Tax planning and developing tax strategies
  • Expert opinions on tax matters
  • Advising and training accounting staff
  • Advice on IT accounting programmes
  • Support in negotiations with banks and investors

Balance sheet presentation

We prepare a professional and comprehensive annual balance sheet presentation for our clients.

Our services

  • Balance sheet presentation in graphic format
  • Joint analysis of the current figures
  • View of the company’s future
  • Identifying opportunities for improvement and potential solutions

Start-up consulting

There are many questions which need to be considered when starting a company. We have extensive know-how in this field, and offer professional support during all phases of your company start-up.

We work together with a network of lawyers, notaries, real estate agents and banks, both in Austria and abroad.

Our services

  • Analysing the feasibility of business proposals
  • Jointly developing concepts
  • Preparing business plans
  • Advice on legal forms
  • Advice on start-up funding
  • Advice on social insurance
  • Support in negotiations with banks and investors

International tax consulting

Our experts are always up to date with current international tax law. By networking with international centres of excellence, we are able to offer individual consulting according to your particular interests outside Austria.

We work together with a network of lawyers, notaries, real estate agents and banks, both in Austria and abroad.

Our services

  • International tax planning
  • Optimising international corporate structures
  • Cross-border conversions, corporate acquisitions and disposals
  • Investment structures in the Central European reform countries
  • Corporate financing appraisals
  • Employee postings
  • Expert opinions and legal advice on European tax law
  • Function relocation (outbound cases)
  • Appraisals of transfer systems and transfer price documentation
  • Design of employee participation schemes
  • Accounting and payroll accounting for foreign companies
  • Advice on law governing taxation of international transactions and double-taxation agreements
  • ECJ jurisdiction
  • Establishing and taxing production sites with particular consideration of income allocation regulations
  • Change of residence
  • International asset planning

Experts in property tax law

Böck & Kus are experts in property tax law and in providing comprehensive advice on all property matters. We offer our clients a broad portfolio of services, from the best form of financing, optimum utilisation, to property disposals. We advise and represent all types of property owner, from private landlords to property developers.

The partners at Böck & Kus have years of experience in managing real estate projects, both in Austria and abroad (see Consequently, they are able to advise clients not only on fiscal particularities, but also on legal and economic framework conditions.

We have worked together with experienced lawyers, notaries and property trustees for many years, and can offer any service not covered by our office through this network.

We regard ourselves as competent partners in all matters concerning real estate, offering our clients individual, comprehensive advice which ranges far beyond pure tax consultancy.

Our goal is to support our clients in their investment and financing decisions by identifying the most efficient tax structures available.

Hungarian client support

Böck & Kus staff include Hungarian speakers who are qualified to advise Hungarian companies and private individuals on all matters relating to tax in Austria. Through our Hungarian network of lawyers, notaries and real estate agents, as well as insurance agents and bank employees, we are able to support our Hungarian clients in a broad range of areas.

Our partners can also provide office space for short-term let to newly established companies where required.

Doing Business in Austria


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